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Attorneys of the law firm "Katerynchuk, Moor & Partners" use their knowledge, capabilities and exBefore the litigation we propose to our clients to resolve the conflict in mediation process. We explain to the parties the possible consequences and cost of litigation. We engage the best conflict specialists to work out with our attorneys the best solutions for pre-trial conflict resolution.

In case of proceeding, we represent clients in commercial, administrative and general courts throughout Ukraine, in cassation courts within the Supreme Court of Ukraine of all specializations, as well as in the Supreme Anticorruption Court of Ukraine. We accompany clients at all stages of proceedings, in particular, ensure the enforcement of court decisions adopted by Ukrainian courts, as well as the recognition and enforcement in Ukraine of decisions of international commercial arbitrations and foreign courts.

Our attorneys have successful experience in protecting the interests of legal and private persons at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). In particular, we provide the following services:

• prepare applications to the ECHR;

• represent clients' interests in contacts with the ECHR and with the competent state bodies of Ukraine;

• зapply petitions to the Supreme Court of Ukraine to review court decisions in exceptional circumstances, after a judgment has been given by the European Court of Human Rights.,/p>

We have a successful experience of protecting the rights of constituents in litigation within the Supreme Court of Ukraine.


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